Create image OS on Virtual Box

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Use image OS is a great way for testing, learning, and general server skills practice. For this session, I will create image for CentOS (Linux Operation System).

This is the step by step to configure new OS:

  1. Click the “New” button and then click “Next” to proceed
  2. Give your virtual machine a name
  3. For OS Type, select “Linux”, and for version, choose “Red Hat” (note : Centos using Redhat version)
  4. On the memory screen, choose a reasonable amount. 512MB should be enough.
  5. Choose “Create a new hard disk” and go through the disk creation wizard.
  6. Once you are finished click “Finish”
  7. Click the “Settings” button
  8. Choose “Storage” from the side options
  9. In the Storage Tree, click the first icon next to “IDE Controller” to add a CD/DVD device
  10. When it asks you if you want to choose one, click “Choose disk”
  11. When your file dialog appears, choose the CentOS ISO
  12. Click the System option on the left
  13. In the Boot Order section, make sure CD/DVD-ROM is selected and moved to the top
  14. Click “OK”
  15. Click the “Start” button

Enjoy with your new OS, thanks

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